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• 1/22/2019

Flux, remove my edits

This is the last time i will be having any activity on this wiki. But, i want you to undo every edit i've ever made to any pages here, no matter how small the edit. Revert it all, so it's like i never even came here in the first place. The amount of anger and rage you have caused me since i have joined is incredible, and i don't want anything i've done to stay here. It's my work, so you must remove it. I don't care what it was, just revert/ delete it. If you do that, you won't be hearing from me again.

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• 1/22/2019

I cannot abide your request. Regardless of your general conduct, some edits you made were indeed useful and added to the quality of certain pages, and were therefore not reverted in the first place. Authorial ownership is against the spirit of wikis - any knowledge posted is for the benefit of the larger community, and also subject to revision by others. As a result, I will not be removing all of your edits. However, I believe you can remove named attachment to any of your edits as a result of Wikia's "Right to be Forgotten" policy. (See

I'm sorry for any distress this may have caused you. My only intent was only to bring your writing up to our standard, and made sure it adhered to [[BF:MoS]]. However, your inability to take criticism, accept and follow our wiki's writing policies, and your repeated abusive behaviour in the form of profane personal attacks is unacceptable, the latter of which being grounds for blocking (See [[BF:CONDUCT]]). I overlooked your past offences in good faith, assuming you'd turn around once I explained things to you. But then again, you told me straight up your were a lost cause, and in retrospect I appreciate your honesty.

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