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A 25mm Cannon is a gatling cannon capable of firing either high-explosive or armor-piercing 25mm rounds.

Battlefield 4[]

25mm Cannon
Unlocked at

• AB: default weapon

Vehicle type

Attack Boat
Scout Helicopter

Customization slot

Primary Weapon

"Fires 25mm shell effective against light and medium armor as well as infantry"
— In Game Description

25mm cannon is a Vehicle Specialization set to appear in Battlefield 4 for attack boats and scout helicopters.[1] Attack boats have this as their default weapon, while scout helicopters must unlock it.

Although it has a lower rate of fire than the 7.62mm Minigun, it is fitted with explosive rounds, greatly increasing damage against vehicles. Additionally, the projectiles also deal splash damage around the point of impact, making it significantly easier to kill infantry. As of the Gamescom 2013 alpha build, users receive 90 rounds of ammunition in 30-round packs.