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AK5C IRL Photo

The AK5C in real life with a Foregrip and Aimpoint Sight attached to it.

The AK5 (Swedish: AutomatKarbin 5, English: Automatic Carbine 5) is the main service rifle of the Swedish Armed Forces. The weapon was originally based on the FN FNC, and is manufactured by Bofors. It fires the standard 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge.

Battlefield 4[]

Ammunition capacity

30 + 1


5.56×45 NATO

Rate of fire


Fire mode

Fully Automatic


All Kits

Inventory slot

Primary Weapon

The AK 5C was first seen in the "Angry Sea"  gameplay trailer, and appears as Recker's secondary weapon, where it is seen with an ACOG optic with canted iron sights.


AK5C is the first Carbine weapon to be unlocked, and it is unlocked after obtaining 15,000 points while playing as the Engineer kit. It's a very solid starting weapon for the carbines, having a 700 RPM, same as the SG553. It's recoil is low and the iron sights are not too bad, though an optic is recommended for better use. The AK5C comes with a stock dark green color instad of the usual gray or black, which can blend in with woodland environments, even without any real camouflage set on the gun.


  • In Battlefield 4, the weapon has the letters "SWE" inscribed on its side next to the serial number, indicating its Swedish origin.