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Active Protection is a countermeasure against threats to an armored vehicle. The term covers a wide range of systems intended to supplement the vehicle's own armor.

Some active protection systems use "hard-kill" methods to intercept incoming anti-vehicle weaponry or counterattack the platforms using them. Examples include the "Iron Fist" system developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI), reactive armor, and close-in weapon systems.

Other systems use "soft-kill" methods to divert projectiles, such as chaff and IR Flares.

Battlefield 4[]

Active Protection
Vehicle type

Attack Boat
Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Main Battle Tank
Mobile Anti-Air

Customization slot


"When this system is activated it will sense incoming missile and rocket threats and detonate them before they reach the vehicle. The system will enter a cooldown state after a threat has been neutralized or no threats have been detected for a short time."
— In-game description

Active Protection is a "hard-kill" vehicle countermeasure specialization in Battlefield 4. It will detonate any incoming projectiles upon activation by firing counter-projectiles.

It is highly reminiscent of Active Defense from Battlefield 2142 in that it provides temporary protection from anti-vehicle weapons.

Active Protection was first seen in the Battlefield 4: "Angry Sea" E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer (in the form of the unused Iron Fist countermeasure), and first demonstrated at Gamescom 2013.