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M4 with angled grip

An angled grip attachment.

The Angled Grip is a weapon attachment that is similar to the Foregrip yet allows the operator to lay the palm of their hand onto the grip while pushing the thumb down on the top of the gun.

Battlefield 4[]

Angled Grip
Angledgrip bf4"
Attachment slot


Special feature(s)

Reduces first-shot recoil penalty.

"Initial recoil is more easily handled with this grip."
— Customization menu description (alpha gameplay)

The Angled Grip is an accessory for primary weapons in Battlefield 4. It was first seen during live gameplay at E3 2013. It decreases the first shot recoil of weapons.

It performs the same as its Battlepack-only counterpart, the Folding Grip.


  • The Angled Grip is modeled after the Magpul AFG1.