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For the similar BC2 Vehicle Specialization, see Quick Reload Package

An Auto Loader is a device that automatically reloads a normally non-automatic high-caliber firearm, e.g. a tank gun, or even a 406 mm naval "rifle" of a battleship. Autoloaders are used for either two reasons: to load shells too heavy to handle by a person, or to boost the rate of fire and cut down the number of the gun crew.

Battlefield 3[]

"An enhanced mechanism decreases the minimum time between firing rounds in your main weapon."
— Battlelog description


In Singleplayer, it can be noted that in the two tank missions, the M1 Abrams is equipped with the Auto Loader (even with the fact that Ingham is an A.I. character who loads the tank's sabot).


Auto Loader
IR Smoke (MA), Coaxial LMG (MBT and TD), Stealth (AH) Zoom Optics (MBT, AH and TD), Proximity Scan (MA)
Unlocked at

• 4400 MBT score
• 2800 AH score
• 800 MA score
• 1600 TD score

Special Feature

Increases reload rate of certain vehicle weapons

Vehicle type

MBT (Driver)
• Attack Helicopter
• Mobile Artillery Vehicle
• Tank Destroyer

Customization slot


Auto Loader is a specialization for MBTs, Mobile Artillery Vehicles, Tank Destroyers and oddly, attack helicopters that increases the main weapon's reload rate. Other vehicles have a similar specialization—Belt Speed—that increases the weapon's rate of fire by reducing reload times between firing.

Archivo:Battlefield 3 Tank Guide - Autoloader

A video about the Autoloader for MBTs.

Battlefield 4[]

Auto Loader
Vehicle type

Attack Helicopter
Mobile Anti-Air

Customization slot


"An enhanced mechanism that reduces the time taken to reload."
— Game description

The Autoloader is a vehicle specialization in Battlefield 4.

It has a similar effect to its counterpart in Battlefield 3. It will reduce the time taken to reload between shots.