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Introduced in Battlefield 4, a Battle Pickup is a special firearm located at a certain location within a map, differing from the weapons normally chosen by a player depending on their kit. Battle Pickups are reminiscent of Doom and other early FPS games that required players to search for weapons and valuable items.

Battlefield 3[]

The Aftermath expansion pack for Battlefield 3 introduced Scavenger mode, where players equipped only with handguns and grenades had to find more powerful weapons—chosen from a preset pool of infantry primary weapons—scattered around the battle area. Although not referred to as "Battle Pickups", these would lay a foundation for including weapons that are not carried into battle by players.

Battlefield 4[]

Battle Pickups are introduced in Battlefield 4. These are weapons that DICE wished to include in the game, but could not suitably balance for multiplayer gameplay. As such, only limited numbers of these weapons are available to all players, and must be picked up from gun cases located somewhere on the map.

So far, the following weapons have been confirmed as Battle Pickups:

  • AMR-2—12.7mm (12.7 x 108mm) bolt-action sniper rifle
  • HVM-II—high velocity laser-guided missile system
  • M32 MGL—six-shot grenade launcher
  • M82A3—.50 caliber semi-auto sniper rifle capable of one-hit kills
  • M136 CS—the AT4, familiar to Bad Company veterans
  • USAS-12—fully automatic shotgun with 12 gauge frag rounds

In-game, they are marked with a white gun icon via 3D spotting (minimap and first-person view).

Battle Pickups come with a limited supply of ammunition that cannot be replenished from ammo boxes.

Players carrying a battle pickup retain all of their kit equipment. However, the battle pickup is dropped if the player switches to another weapon or gadget. The battle pickup can then be picked up again from the location where it was dropped if it still contains ammo.

After the weapon's ammunition is depleted, and some time has passed after it has been dropped, the battle pick will respawn at its original location.

From Gamescom 2013 commentary, the battle pickup can also be lost by entering water. Players entering a vehicle will keep the pickup.