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Battlefield 4: Countdown to War is a novel written by Peter Grimsdale. The novel tells the story of CIA agent Kovic and how he discovered Changs plan to take over China. It also provides a backstory for Tombstone.


It's dark. It's twenty below freezing. And CIA operative Lazlo Kovic is on the North Korea border leading a joint US-Chinese mission that is going straight to hell. The US team are massacred and the Chinese guides flee. Kovic is the only survivor. On his return to base in Shanghai, his superiors in the CIA are suspicious of his miraculous return. But Kovic is looking for payback. He lost a lot of friends on that mission.

So he puts together a crack team from the Chinese underworld - a hacker, an expert thief and a former - Olympic sniper - and begins to unravel a conspiracy that reaches up to the highest levels of government, both Chinese and American. Here he discovers a deadly plot, one that will plunge the world into war.


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Highbeam Coup[]

Agent Kovic is sent by his new superior, Cutler, to lead a joint US-China covert mission to the border between North Korea and China to extract a defector, codenamed Highbeam. Highbeam was responsible for North Korea's nuclear capability. Upon arriving at the meeting point with Highbeam, Kovic attempts to speak to the man in Mandarin, to no avail. As he walks toward Highbeam, the man starts running away, shouting a warning in clear English to get away from him. Initially confused, Kovic soon discovers that a bomb has been strapled to Highbeam's chest.

Kovic immediately yells for cover, with the blast propelling him a few yards and resulting in the death of Kean, a marine under Kovic's command. The group is then ambushed by North Korea soldiers.