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Battlefield 4[]

""Fires an 8 round burst of 25mm shells for devastating effect against aircraft and other light armored vehicles.""
— In-game description
Burst Cannon
Special Feature

• High ROF burst for main weapon


Attack Boat

Customization slot

Primary Weapon

Burst Cannon is a vehicle weapon specialization introduced in Battlefield 4 as a main weapon option for attack boats.

It fires an 8-round burst of 25mm ammunition at a very high rate of fire, though with a slight delay (although very short) between bursts. 32 rounds are loaded at a time, allowing for four bursts. Each pack takes around twenty seconds to automatically replenish. Up to 64 rounds are available in reserve.

Burst cannon offers the ability to deal more damage within a much shorter timespace than that of the regular 25mm or the 30mm Autocannon, as the bursts can be fired very quickly, and can rapidly empty all 32 rounds on a single target. It is best suited for specializing the Attack boat towards being a dedicated hit-and-run, anti-vehicle platform. However this comes at an economic downside as the boat pilot must pick his targets carefully and may very well fire many more rounds than necessary for single footsoldiers, and can easily run out of ammo if fired hastily.