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The CZ-805 with foregrip and optic.

The CZ-805 BREN is an assault rifle with a modular, multi-caliber design, with an aluminum alloy upper receiver and polymer lower receiver / fire control unit. The magazine housing is a separate detachable unit, which can be replaced in the field as part of a caliber change. The weapon is gas-operated and features a rotating bolt and a manual gas regulator.

The weapon features quick-change barrels, allowing users to change calibers and barrel lengths according to the mission profile.

Battlefield 4[]

Ammunition capacity

30 + 1


5.56x45 NATO

Maximum ammunition

124 + 31 (SP)

Rate of fire

700 RPM

Fire mode
  • Fully Automatic
  • Burst
  • Semi-Automatic


Dog Tags

Master Dog Tag: BF4 CZ-805 Master Dog Tag

Inventory slot

Primary Weapon

The CZ-805 is an assault rifle introduced in Battlefield 4.


CZ-805 is the first unlockable weapon by gathering 1500 points in Baku. The Kobra, Magnifier, and Vertical Grip are its preset attachments.


The CZ-805is the last assault rifle to be unlocked through score, and performs similarly to the AUG A3. It's 700 RPM, along with the moderate recoil makes it more fit for medium and long distances, falling short in close quarters to faster firing assault rifles such as the M416 or ACE 23. It can also equip underbarrel weapons, such as the M320 and the M26 MASS.