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Canted ironsights are available for weapons with attachment rails that allow a close-range option when a long-range optic is already mounted. The user simply rotates the weapon 45° to make use of the accessory, with minimal change in handling and performance.

Although some scopes provide enough standoff for the weapon's iron sights to be used, the scope itself may still obscure the user's view. Canted ironsights allow the user to recover view of the target area.

Battlefield 4[]

Canted Ironsights
Cantedironsight bf4
""An alternate set of ironsights to switch to when engaging close range targets.""
Attachment slot


Special feature(s)

• Alternate iron sights for scope users

Canted ironsights are an accessory rail attachment featured in Battlefield 4. As the same rail is used for lights and laser sights, the Toggle flashlight button is used to switch between the top-mounted optic and these ironsights.