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IRL Duckbill choke

Duckbill choke and magazine extender attached to an Ithaca 37 shotgun.

A Duckbill choke is an attachment for shotguns that flattens the weapon's firing pattern, diverting pellets more towards the sides.

Duckbill chokes saw action in the Vietnam War by US Navy SEALs, where they were reported to be very effective against groups of enemies.

The duckbill choke is susceptible to fractures due to the blast pushing the two halves apart.

Battlefield 4[]

Duckbill bf4"
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Special feature(s)

• Flatter firing pattern

"Spreads pellets horizontally suppressing and damaging more targets in a wider cone."
— In-game Description

Battlefield 4 includes the Duckbill as one of several optional chokes for most shotguns.

The Duckbill, as the description suggests, causes pellets to have greater spread along the horizontal plane.

Its effect on single projectiles such as 12 Gauge Frag and 12 Gauge Slugs is not yet known.

The Duckbill changes the hipfire crosshair to an oval (flatter) shaped crosshair instead of the usual circlular shape.