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A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device used to extinguish or control small fires, using an extinguishing agent. Small vehicles may carry extinguishing systems to protect engines and fuel stores from flame.

Battlefield 3[]

Guided Missile (AH) Air Radar (SH, Jet) Maintenance (AH, SH) Below Radar (Jet)
Unlocked at

• 16000 AH score
• 14000 SH score
• 11600 Jet score
• Complete Need Repair assignment (TD)

Special Feature

Emergency damage control for air vehicles

Vehicle type

Aircraft (Pilot)
Tank Destroyer (Driver)

Customization slot

Vehicle gadget

"A controlled air pressure release in the engine compartment will extinguish engine fires when activated, helping a disabled aircraft return to normal operation and recover from damage."
— Battlelog description

A specialization available for air vehicles, the Extinguisher will put out engine fires and return the vehicle to 37% health, clearing "disabled" status and possibly allowing the vehicle to regenerate the remaining health. After use it takes 25 seconds to recharge.

This specialization greatly helps aircraft as it can prevent the aircraft from being destroyed which would give the enemy team air superiority. Aircraft are also difficult to repair as they must land first; this is harder with jets than with attack helicopters.

Extinguisher coupled with Maintenance gives the player's aircraft greater survivability, as the Extinguisher can allow the aircraft to regenerate health after being disabled and Maintenance can regenerate the aircraft's health to full at a greater speed than normal.

Some players may neglect to finish off a disabled air vehicle. Prove them wrong by giving a good burst of the extinguisher and quickly get to a safe location and return to full strength. You might be able to do a surprise attack on that enemy when you return. Furthermore, this is useful to prevent unguided weapons (like Coaxial HMG-equipped tanks) from destroying you.

Also, most players will bail from a disabled vehicle, so you can take an opportunity to enter the vehicle and use the extinguisher to escape to friendly lines and gain an advantage over the enemy team by depriving them of an asset, while keeping it to your team. It is considerably easier to do this with a ground vehicle for obvious reasons, but it is not impossible to steal aircraft. Caution should be advised, as if the previous operator recently used extinguisher, you will have to wait for it to recharge. Also, you are vulnerable to fire, as you are extremely close to being disabled again, and to the vehicle exploding.

The Extinguisher should be applied when you are no longer under enemy fire. Since this specialization only brings vehicle back to 37%, the vehicle might end up being disabled again immediately after using the Extinguisher.

The Extinguisher is an unlockable vehicle specialization for both the M1128 MGS and the Sprut-SD after completing the Need Repair assignment for Armored Kill.

Battlefield 4[]

Fire Extinguisher
Vehicle type

Attack Boat
Scout Helicopter
Stealth Jet

Customization slot



"Can only be deployed when the vehicle is in a critically damaged state. It will put out any fires, bring the vehicle back to a functional state and let the vehicle start recovering from damaged sustained."
— Game description

The Fire Extinguisher is a vehicle countermeasure specialization in Battlefield 4.

When activated Countermeasure (Default: L2, Down (d-pad) in a vehicle that is disabled, it will extinguish the fire, stopping any further damage to the vehicle and allow the vehicle to recover from the damage.

It is not yet clear if the extinguisher only recovers a disabled vehicle, or if it also recovers from critical hits.