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A folding foregrip is a weapon attachment that can be folded flat against the weapon barrel, or unfolded to firing position. This helps prevent the weapon from snagging on objects or clothing, and other situations where a non-folding grip might prove troublesome.

Depending on the model, folding grips may extend to 90° vertical, 45°, or other customizable angles.

Battlefield 4[]

Folding Grip
Foregrip folding bf4"
Attachment slot


Special feature(s)

Reduces first-shot recoil penalty.

"Reduces the first shot recoil making bursts and single shots easier to handle."
— Customization menu

The Folding Grip in Battlefield 4 is an attachable 45° grip for many infantry primary weapons. It currently appears to function the same as the Angled Grip, reducing the recoil from the first round fired in a burst or shots fired in semi-auto.