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Guided Missile is a vehicle specialization available in Battlefield 3. There are several models used, depending on the Vehicle. US Planes use the AGM-65 Maverick, Russian planes use the Kh-29 (AS-14 Khedge), US Helicopters use the AGM-114 Hellfire, Russian Helicopters use the 9M120 ATAKA-V (AS-9 Spiral), and IFV guided missiles fire from their factions' respective TOW Launchers.

Battlefield 3[]

Guided Missile
Thermal Camo (IFV), Maintenance (Jets, SH), Rocket Pods (Jets), Air Radar (AH) Reactive Armor (IFV), Beam Scanning (Jets), Below Radar (SH), Extinguisher (AH)
Unlocked at

• 74000 IFV Score
• 24000 Jet Score
• 25000 Scout Helicopter Score
• 12000 Attack Helicopter Score

Vehicle type

• Air vehicles
• IFVs

Customization slot


"Laser-guided missiles launched by the pilot which can lock on to and track enemy land vehicles and can acquire laser-designated targets even if they are out of line-of-sight."
— Battlelog description

Guided Missile is a specialization available for air vehicles and IFVs.

When activated, a special targeting mode is used to highlight enemy vehicles. The system will only target one vehicle at a time, picking whichever one is closest to the center reticule. Upon firing, the missile will continue to track the target using internal IR guidance.

The missile can be countered using IR Smoke, causing it to miss its target. The Guided Missile also has the ability to lock onto laser-designated targets provided by teammates, decreasing lock-on time and increasing damage due to a top-down attack.

As of the most recent patch, the missile will not inflict direct damage, so it will deal 40% damage to any part of the target, even if it is a rear or a top shot. The only way to have increased damage is a laser designator.

On attack helicopters, only the gunner may equip the guided missile. Should the pilot equip the Laser Painter, the aircrew can independently use guided weaponry. A laser painter and guided missile combo makes a well-communicated attack helicopter team much more effective at engaging both ground and air targets as the laser painter allows the gunner's guided missile to effectively become both an anti-surface and anti-air missile. The guided missile is much more effective at attacking laser designated targets, as ground vehicles suffer more damage and air vehicles rarely counter guided missiles with IR Flares or ECM Jammer if they are activated after the missile is launched.

Players using a Laser Painter found in Attack Helicopters and Scout Helicopters as the pilot or within a MBT using the 3rd seat, the CITV Station, have the ability to laser designate any empty or enemy vehicle within range. Lasing enemy aircraft with the laser painter allows guided weaponry to lock onto and fire at aircraft, while lasing ground vehicles decreases friendly guided weapon lock on time as well as increasing the damage output by performing a 'top-down attack' on the enemy vehicle.


  • Guided Missiles can lock onto and destroy players using the M224 Mortar, since the mortar counts as a vehicle in gameplay terms.
  • Guided Missiles can also lock onto and destroy enemy Recon equipment.