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The Starstreak HVM (High Velocity Missile) is a British man-portable air defense system manufactured by Thales Air Defence in Belfast, Ireland. It is composed of a main missile body that can accelerate to Mach 3.5, and three laser-guided sub-munitions. The multiple projectiles greatly increase the hit probability of the weapon system. The sub-munitions have a tungsten housing that permits deep penetration into light armor and significant damage from fragmentation.

A 2007 upgrade called the Starstreak II improves the system's range, operating ceiling, and targeting.

Battlefield 4[]

Ammunition capacity

1 missile pack (3 missiles each)

Starting ammunition

2 missile packs (MP)

Maximum ammunition

1 + 1 (SP)

Fire mode

Single-shot (all 3 missiles at once)

Special feature(s)

Battle Pickup
• Laser-guided anti-vehicle munition

Dog Tags

Master Dog Tag: BF4 HVM-2 Master Dog Tag

The HVM-II is introduced in Battlefield 4 as a Battle Pickup. It is a laser guided anti-vehicle weapon that can be used against both ground and air targets. As with the FGM-148 Javelin, the launcher must maintain lock until the missile hits the target.

It was first seen at an EA invitation-only event in September 2013.[1] It can be found in Siege of Shanghai, typically on the Skyscraper roof while it is standing. It was also spotted on Paracel Storm in the southern islands (Firebase, Solar).

As a laser-guided weapon, an active laser lock (whether by the launcher's own system or designation by teammates) needs to be maintained for the missiles to hit their target. While they are still live, the missiles can be trained on a different target, or re-trained on a target that used countermeasures.