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Hardcore mode

A player using the Recon kit

Hardcore is gameplay option featured in several installments of the Battlefield Series. Its overall purpose is to provide a more realistic gameplay experience to players by limiting HUD and is available for all gamemodes.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

The Hardcore option in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 imposes many changes to normal multiplayer matches.


  • Limited HUD
  • Lack of a minimap (Players can still use the map in the pause menu or toggle it on PC)
  • Absence of ammunition count, health meter, and grenade count
  • All weapons except shotguns and the Tracer Dart Gun (who feature unusable ironsights) do not feature crosshairs
  • Lack of an AED spike indicator
  • 40% health, rather than 100%
  • Health does not regenerate unless healed by a Medkit
  • Team killing (Friendly fire) is enabled
  • Lack of a minimap (Players can still use the map in the pause menu or toggle it on PC)
  • Spotting does not reveal enemy locations or display red triangles above their heads
  • The Sniper Spotting Scope or Motion Sensors of the Recon Kit essentially do not function with the absence of a minimap

Battlefield 3[]

The Hardcore option in Battlefield 3 functions similarity to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 yet does feature some differences. Players have the option to search for hardcore only servers in the server browser while owners of servers can customize what gameplay features are affected by the hardcore option during gameplay.


  • Limited HUD
  • Lack of health, ammunition, grenade counts and fire mode displays
  • Inability to switch to third-person view in vehicles
  • Absence of crosshairs
  • Visual blood splatter from damage will fade but health will not regenerate
  • 3D spotting is disabled; spotting does not display a red triangle above enemies. Spotted enemies are only marked on minimap.
  • Minimap may be disabled by server settings, but most servers have it enabled.
  • 60% health, rather than the usual 100%, while taking the same amount of damage
  • Motion sensing capabilities of T-UGS essentially do not function as the minimap is disabled, although motion sensor assist points can still be earned
  • Health does not regenerate unless healed by a Medkit or being revived by a defibrillator after death
  • The Maintenance specification does not function as vehicle armor regeneration is disabled
  • Team killing (friendly fire) is enabled

Battlefield 4[]

The hardcore option returns in Battlefield 4. It will function similarity to its past counterparts though no changes to the mode have been announced.


  • In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Hardcore elements appear throughout the singleplayer levels, Operation Aurora and Airborne, when the player needs to terminate Kirilenko.