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A Heavy Barrel is a weapon attachment used to increase a weapon's accuracy by reducing barrel whip.

Battlefield 3[]

Heavy Barrel
BF3 Heavy Barrel"
Attachment slot


Available on

Assault Rifles
Mag-Fed LMGs

Unlocked at

20 Kills (Assault Rifles)

80 Kills (US Carbines and QBZ-95B)
90 Kills (RU Carbines)

350 Kills (US Mag-Fed LMGs)
300 Kills (RU Mag-Fed LMGs)

300 Kills (SKS)

Source of statistics

Battlelog (Kills)

"A Heavy Barrel and Match Rounds give much greater accuracy for aimed fire, but reduce accuracy when firing from the hip. The combo increases range and reduces bullet drop, but does not alter the damage."
— Battlelog description

The Heavy Barrel is a secondary attachment that increases long range accuracy during aimed fire but increases the weapon's vertical recoil in Battlefield 3.

Match Rounds do not increase the overall damage of the weapon, but they do increase the speed of the rounds in certain weapons.

The 1.04 patch, first released on 27 March 2012, now makes the Heavy Barrel, paired with Match Rounds, increase the maximum range of the weapon and increases the aimed accuracy. The minimum and maximum damages are unchanged. A small hip accuracy penalty was added to represent the added weight of the accessory but the exact penalty amount is weapon specific.[1]

Battlefield 4[]

Heavy barrel
Barrel bf4"
Attachment slot


Available on

Assault Rifles
Personal Defense Weapons
Light Machine Guns
Designated Marksman Rifles

The Heavy Barrel is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield 4. It increases a weapon's long range accuracy, but increases its recoil.


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