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A laser guided missile tracks a target marked with laser designation via optical hardware built into the nose of the missile.

Battlefield 4[]

Laser Guided
Special Feature

Guided missile and laser targeting system

Vehicle type

Scout Helicopter
Attack Jet

Customization slot

Secondary weapon

The Laser Guided missile is a vehicle specialization featured in Battlefield 4 and can be carried by scout helicopters and attack jets as a secondary weapon.

From alpha gameplay, it appears that the system combines the Guided Missile and Laser Painter from Battlefield 3 into one specialization.[1] The pilot can lase a target and follow with a guided missile. The laser lock must be maintained until the weapon impacts, or it will fly harmlessly away.

It is not yet known how other laser designators (such as the PLD, SOFLAM, or possible vehicle gadgets) interact with this apparently standalone system.