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Incendiary Grenades are explosive devices that burn at extremely high temperatures through a violent chemical reaction. Practical uses of grenades of this type include the destruction of munition caches, artillery pieces and vehicles to prevent their use by enemy forces.

Battlefield 4[]

M34 Incendiary
Starting ammunition

3 grenades

Fire mode


Special feature(s)

• Inflicts fire damage over time


All Kits

Inventory slot


"Explodes with a cloud of fire damaging any targets in the area of effect."
— Customization menu description (alpha gameplay)

The M34 Incendiary grenade is a new weapon featured in Battlefield 4. A short time after thrown, it emits a great deal of heat that can damage any enemy infantry within its radius. The fire the grenade erupts can easily be used for area denial as well as for visual obstruction. An important note is that as of yet, the Incendiary grenade's fire does not differentiate between friend or foe and will kill allies caught in the fire regardless of server settings.

It is not yet known how vehicles are affected by the grenade, or if damage from multiple grenades can stack.