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Missions are a new feature on Battlelog for Battlefield 4 that allow for players to complete against their friends by completing missions. Players who complete a specific mission twenty times will be awarded a Dog Tag for use in-game.

There are currently a total of twenty missions available. Creators can make the mission available on any or all maps with the ability to also set the number of attempts players are able to undertake to complete it. Attempts can be made to range from one, three, five, or unlimited. Missons end when all players who have accepted the misson have completed their rounds with the maximum time limit being 48 hours. Only a total of five players, including the creator, can play a mission at once.


Image Name Criteria Dog Tag
Killing Machine Killing Machine Get the most kills in a round
Best Assault Best Assault Have the highest Assault score in a round
Best Engineer Best Engineer Have the highest Engineer score in a round
Best Recon Best Recon Have the highest Recon score in a round
Best Support Best Support Have the highest Support score in a round
Best Squad Player Best Squad Player Get the highest squad score in a round
Top Commander Top Commander Get the highest Commander score in a round
Road Warrior Road Warrior Get the most kills with land vehicles in a round
Top Gun Top Gun Get the most kills with Jets in a round
Air Wolf Air Wolf Get the most kills with Helicopters in a round
Hate Boat Hate Boat Get the most kills with watercraft in a round
Vehicle Destroyer Vehicle Destroyer Destroy the most vehicles in a round
Bullseye King Bullseye King Get the most headshots in a round
Serial Killer Serial Killer Get the highest killstreak in a round
Archivo:Marksman2.png Marksman Get the highest accuracy in a round
Sidearm First Handgun Expert Get the most kills with Handguns in a round
Jack of All Trades Jack of All Trades Get the most kills with Assault Rifles in a round
Compact Firepower Compact Firepower Get the most kills with Carbines in a round
Long Range Long Range Get the most kills with Sniper Rifles in a round
Suppressive Fire Suppressive Fire Get the most kills with Light Machine Guns in a round