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Passive Radar guidance allows missiles to track a target by the target's own emissions. Such emissions can include onboard electronic jamming, negating its use as a countermeasure against passive homing.

Battlefield 4[]

"Surface-to-air missiles that require the user to maintain lock on the target. If the lock-on is lost it can be reacquired and the missiles might still reach their target."
— In-Game Description
Passive Radar
Special Feature

AA missiles requiring constant lock

Vehicle type

Attack Boat
Stealth Jet
Mobile Anti-Air

Customization slot

Secondary Weapon

Passive Radar AA Missiles are a vehicle specialization for attack boats, Mobile Anti-Air, and stealth jets to be featured in Battlefield 4.

The operator must maintain weapon lock on the enemy aircraft to ensure a hit. This is similar to the scheme planned for the SA-18 Igla used by Engineers.