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A Small Unmanned Air Vehicle (SUAV) or Miniature UAV is an aircraft that may be man-portable, but still considerably larger than a Micro Air Vehicle. SUAVs monoplanes are typically launched by throwing or slingshot, and continue flying under their own power.

SUAVs designed to carry lethal payloads are referred to as Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles.

Battlefield 4[]

Ammunition capacity

1 drone



Inventory slot


The SUAV is a gadget for the Recon kit featured in Battlefield 4: China Rising. It is a small monoplane fitted with a monochrome camera and a laser designator. It is unlocked upon the completion of the Safe Raiding assignment.

By maintaining heading towards a vehicle target, the onboard laser designator can mark targets for guided weaponry. The SUAV is also capable of roadkilling enemy infantry.

Once thrown, the operator immediately takes remote control of the SUAV. Though its endurance is limited, it is much longer than most other time-limited gadgets and weapons, perhaps a few minutes. Its average airspeed is 20 meters per second. Unlike the MAV, the SUAV's monoplane design and forward-facing camera prevent it from loitering for too long in any one area.

Like other laser designators, its red beam is easily seen by those in its path. Its ability to take damage is not yet known.