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A Sabot Shell is a tank round consisting of a high density, dart-like kinetic energy penetrator (KEP), propellant, and a sabot (shoe). The sabot itself is a shroud that aligns and guides the KEP through the cannon barrel, allows it to be propelled, and separates from the KEP after exiting the barrel. The KEP is typically made of materials such as tungsten or depleted uranium, and imparts destructive power primarily through momentum alone. Secondary damage may be caused by heat and pressure imparted onto the penetrated armor and the KEP itself.

Examples of such a weapon include the American M829 APFSDS. The basic design is emulated in other munitions such as the 25mm APFSDS-T Shell and 12 Gauge Flechette shells.

Battlefield 3[]

The Sabot Shell may have been used throughout the campaign mission "Thunder Run". Though the display indicates an AP round is in use, Ingham (the loader for Miller's crew) states that sabot rounds are loaded. Indeed, the tank rounds in this mission do not follow the same ballistic path of regular AP rounds.

Battlefield 4[]

Sabot Shell

Main Battle Tank

Customization slot

Primary weapon

The Sabot Shell appears in Battlefield 4 as a primary weapon specialization for main battle tanks. It has higher velocity than the standard AP shell, and inflicts more damage against armor, but lacks the AP shell's explosive power.