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Smart Rockets are munitions that are fitted with guidance systems, increasing hit probability compared to unguided (dumb) munitions. Dumbfire rockets can be retrofitted with systems such as DAGR that allow them to function as smart rockets.

Battlefield 4[]

Smart Rockets
TV Guided Missile
Unlocked at

38000 AH score

Special Feature

• Rockets with target-tracking ability

Vehicle type

Attack Helicopter

Customization slot

Primary weapon

"A rocket system with built-in guidance that will track toward the nearest armored target after being fired."
— Battlelog

Smart Rockets are a vehicle primary weapon specialization available in Battlefield 4. Like Guided Rockets from Battlefield 3, the specialization allows the pilot's rockets to seek ground vehicles within a certain radius.

When equipped, the pilot's HUD identifies the weapon system as DAGR (Direct Attack Guided Rocket).