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South China Sea
Shanghai Singapore

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Daniel Recker



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People's Liberation Army


RHIB, DV-15 Interceptor (stolen)

South China Sea is the third mission featured in the Battlefield 4 Campaign. It was revealed through a gameplay demo of the mission at E3 2013. It revolves around the members of Tombstone Squad as they engage against Chinese forces on the USS Titan. The main objective is to escape the stricken carrier to the USS Valkyrie.


Archivo:Battlefield 4 Walkthrough Chapter 3 - South China Sea (Xbox One)


  • While piloting the RHIB to the USS Titan, if the player looks to the right of the boat, they can see a swordfish jumping out of the water for a short period of time.
  • It is possible to get trapped on this level. When you leave the trapped sailors behind, if you go back to the hatch, a checkpoint will save right behind the next access hatch. If you die, you will get spawned behind the door, with no way out.