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Not to be confused with STEALTH (Specialization)

Stealth technology is the use of advanced materials and design to drastically reduce the radar signature of a vehicle.

Battlefield 3[]

Heat Seekers Auto Loader (AH), Belt Speed (SH, Jet)
Unlocked at

• 1600 AH score
• 2500 SH score
• 1500 Jet score

Special Feature

• Protection from thermal imaging and spotting at range

Vehicle type

Air vehicles

Customization slot


"Engine tuning and fuselage coating materials disguise your vehicle's infrared signature, increasing enemy locking and tracking difficulty and decreasing the time you are revealed to the enemy from being spotted."
— Battlelog description

Stealth is a vehicle specialization in Battlefield 3. It is the air vehicle counterpart to Thermal Camo. When activated, the spotting radius for enemies is decreased, and any successful spots will disappear faster. Stealth also reduces the radius for weapon lock, protecting the user from heat-seeking weaponry. It also increases the lock on time by 35%, from 2 seconds to 2.7 seconds.

Battlefield 4[]

Stealth Coating
Vehicle type

• Attack Helicopter
• Scout Helicopter

Customization slot


"Special plating that increases the time it takes for enemy targeting systems to lock onto you."
— Game description

Stealth Coating is a vehicle specialization in Battlefield 4. It will function in a similar manner to that of the Battlefield 3 counterpart.


  • The icon for Stealth shows the outline of a B-2 Spirit Bomber, a plane that uses stealth technology to avoid radar detection.