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Thermal Optics provide a vehicle with thermal imaging capability, allowing it to see activity that might go unnoticed through normal vision.

Battlefield 3[]

Thermal Optics
Guided Shell (MBT, TD) Proximity Scan (AA) Coaxial LMG (IFV) Maintenance (AH) Thermal Camo (MBT, TD) Air Radar (AA) Proximity Scan (IFV) Laser Painter (AH)
Unlocked at

• 43200 MBT score
• 10000 AA score
• 13100 IFV score
• 25000 AH score
• 22000 TD score

Special Feature

Thermal imaging

Vehicle type

MBT (Driver)
• Mobile Anti-air
IFV (Gunner)
• Attack Helicopter (Gunner)
• Tank Destroyer

Customization slot


"A secondary weapon sight with thermal optics that highlights soldiers and vehicles for efficient target identification."
— Battlelog description

Thermal Optics allow ground vehicles and attack helicopters to see heat signatures through dust and smoke (except IR smoke). "White hot" mode is used for all vehicles. In singleplayer, the view is tinted green, while multiplayer uses an untinted (gray) view. The IRNV Scope uses similar mechanics with night vision incorporated.

The CITV Station and the scout helicopter's Laser Painter also provide thermal optics as a secondary view.

Battlefield 4[]

Thermal Optics
Vehicle type

• Attack Boat

Customization slot


Thermal Optics are set to appear in Battlefield 4. It is similar in function to that of Battlefield 3 but it now has a green appearance.


  • The thermal optics on the BTR-90 provide an amount of zoom.
  • Before Patch 1.07, the 105mm cannon on the Gunship had Thermal Optics. The Thermal Optics have since been removed from the 105mm cannon.