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An Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) is a remote-controlled drone that contains armaments such as firearms, explosives, or missiles. The additional weight of such arms limits a UCAV's endurance compared to an unarmed UAV.

Battlefield 4[]

Ammunition capacity

One drone

Maximum ammunition

One drone

Special feature(s)

• Limited-time surveillance drone
• Remote-controlled
• Contains explosive payload



Inventory slot


The UCAV is a gadget for the Support kit featured in Battlefield 4: China Rising. It is unlocked upon the completion of the "Eyes in the Sky" assignment.

It functions in a similar manner to the TV Guided Missile, allowing for users to see through its onboard camera and steer the UCAV towards enemies.[1] Its launch tube first has to be set down (like the M224 Mortar), whereupon it immediately launches. The user then steers it like an air vehicle. By pressing Fire, the UCAV's airburst explosive can be detonated.

The UCAV has a maximum range of about 400 meters—traveling roughly 40 meters per second for 10 seconds—after which contact is lost with the drone. It takes about 20 seconds to reload from an Ammo Box or Supply Drop.