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The Defensive Upgrade Path

An Upgrade Path is a series of four Specializations per path in Battlefield 4 that are progressively unlocked and stack through squad-based actions in a match.[1] There are a total of eleven upgrade paths, with three paths available for all classes and two paths unique to each class.[2]

Paths can be freely chosen anytime during matches with progress for each path saved whenever a new path is chosen, a kit has been changed, or a new squad has been joined. Some progress, however, is lost for the path currently in use whenever the player and their squad have been wiped. Progress does not carry over to consecutive matches.

Three specializations in each path are initially locked. As the squad completes objectives, the remaining specializations are unlocked. If everyone in the squad is eliminated simultaneously, however, then the squad loses one specialization each time that happens. This system replaces the collaborative system in Battlefield 3 and the potential waste if squadmates selected the same specialization.