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For the similar BC2 Vehicle Specialization, see High Power Optics Package

Zoom Optics allow a user to alter the magnification of a scope from up to 2x or 4x. Wide-angle provides coverage for scanning an area, while Tele-photo allows distant objects to be sighted. It is advisable to use this specialization especially for RPG-carrying infantry.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the High Power Optics Package provides zoom optics on fighting vehicles.

Battlefield 3[]

"A secondary weapon sight with up to 3x magnification."
— Battlelog description


In the tank missions, "Thunder Run" and "Fear No Evil", the M1 Abrams of the player is equipped with a 2 × Zoom Magnification Optics.


Zoom Optics
Auto Loader (MBT, AH, TD) Belt Speed (AA) Proximity Scan (IFV) Maintenance (MAV) Maintenance (MBT, IFV, TD) Proximity Scan (AA, AH) Thermal Camo (MAV)
Unlocked at

• 7600 MBT score
• 4400 AA score
• 26900 IFV score
• 4400 AH score
• 4500 MAV score
• 3000 TD score

Special Feature

• Adds 3 × zoom level to scope

Vehicle type

• Ground Vehicles
• Attack Helicopters (Gunner)

Customization slot

Vehicle Upgrade

Zoom Optics is a vehicle specialization in Battlefield 3 that provides extra magnification for weapon sights. This helps the player engage distant threats and use "Sniper Vehicle" tactics. It is activated by the Aim button. The reticle adjusts to fit the different magnifications provided by the specialization.

Ground vehicles receive about 3 × magnification, while the gunner position in attack helicopters receive about 4 × magnification.

Zoom Optics are also equipped on gunner positions on armored ground vehicles and anti-air emplacements. The gunner weapons on various light vehicles and transport helicopters has an "aim down sight" feature (despite not actually using the weapon's sights) that focuses the user's field of view and permits more precise aiming by reducing the pan and tilt sensitivity.

Archivo:Battlefield 3 Tank Guide - Zoom Optics

A video about the Zoom Optics in Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 4[]

Zoom Optics
Vehicle type

Attack Boat
Attack Helicopter
Main Battle Tank
Mobile Anti-Air

Customization slot

• Optics (AB, MBT, MAA)
• Gunner Optics (AH, MBT)

"A basic optic enhancment that provides a magnification of 3x when activated."
— Game description

Zoom Optics is a vehicle specialization set to appear in Battlefield 4.

It will provide the same effect as it does in Battlefield 3. It magnifies the gunner's view to assist in targeting and hitting enemies at longer ranges.