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The Zuni is an unguided rocket deployed by the United States Armed Forces. The rocket was developed for both air-to-air and air-to-ground operations. It is usually fired from the LAU-10 rocket pod holding four rockets.

The Laser Guided Zuni Rocket was created as an upgrade to the unguided variant of the rocket, similar to the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System upgrade to the Hydra 70. It is composed of the new WGU-58/B Guidance and Control Section that is attached to the front end of unguided Zuni rocket and warhead. The weapon requires semi-active laser energy to guide to a precise target. The precision weapon fits in the same launcher as unguided Zunis and requires only a 28V firing pulse and a semi active laser designator.

Battlefield 4[]

"Slow but powerful anti-infantry rockets."
— In-game description
Zuni Rockets
Vehicle type

Attack Helicopter
Mobile Anti-Air

Customization slot

AH: Primary Weapon

Zuni Rocket Pods are a vehicle specialization set to appear in Battlefield 4. They move slower than Hydra Rockets but inflict more damage to infantry. Zuni Rockets are currently available for attack helicopters,mobile anti-air vehicles, Attack Boats and IFVs.