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"Firing .44 Magnum rounds, this next generation large-bore revolver requires a two-handed grip due to its manually operated latch and massive recoil."

— In-game description

The M44 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042. It is unlocked at level 29.

A continuation of the classic revolver, the M44 is a formidable weapon to wield, as its powerful .44 Magnum rounds can two-shot kill players up to 99 meters with High-Power ammo equipped, and even score a one-shot kill on headshot. In return, the M44 has a slow single-action mechanism, reducing the rate of fire due to the hammer needing to be cocked after every shot. This, combined with a small 6-round cylinder, means that it is unforgiving for missing shots.

It should be noted that the M44 has a wide hip-fire spread, second only to the PF51, and even worse than many assault rifles. Therefore, players should try to aim down sights when using M44 in combat, and avoid close range engagements due to its low rate of fire. The revolver, like the BFP.50, can mount up to a 4X magnifying scope, further increasing its long range abilities.

While reloading the weapon, unfired rounds fall out of the cylinder and are saved for later; spent rounds are ejected via push rod, and a speedloader is used to insert fresh cartridges. Because of this, empty reloads are actually faster than tactical reloads, contrary to most other weapons in the game.

Overall, the M44 is not a typical sidearm, it is suitable for use as a long ranged complement to a close quarters primary. As the MP412 REX also available as a Vault Weapon, it can be used as a substitute for the M44 with better rate of fire for close range combat but lower damage in long range. The BFP.50 is yet another contender to the M44, having a semi-automatic action and a magazine instead of a cylinder, doing more damage, but a faster damage drop off.

Damage Chart[]

Ammunition types 0-19m 20-99m >100m
High-Power 60 60 35
Armor Piercing 60 35 35





Battlefield 2042 M44 Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 M44 Carbon Poet Carbon Series
M44 Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 M44 Rapid Hammer Rapid Hammer
Gold Edition, Year 1 Pass or Ultimate Edition owner before February 1st, 2022
Battlefield 2042 M44 Shattered Shattered
Master of Arms Premium Battle Pass tier 17
Battlefield 2042 M44 Alias Alias
300 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,400 BFC (Deactivated Bundle)
3,000 BFC (Leviathan Rising Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 M44 Tier 1 Tier 1
M44 Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 M44 King Hit King Hit
Prime Gaming reward
Battlefield 2042 M44 Abdicator Abdicator
500 BFC (Weapon Skin)
1,400 BFC (Heritage Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 M44 Pup Pup
Escalation Premium Battle Pass tier 92


Battlefield 2042 M44 Hammer
  • The M44's hammer is visible cocked upon first drawing the weapon and after each shot. Like the bolt-action sniper rifles and pump-action shotguns, this animation cannot be canceled by swapping weapons. Upon firing the last shot with no reserve ammo, the hammer will remain down until more ammo is obtained.
  • The Carbon Series weapon skin was originally called Carbon Poet. This was changed in Update 1 (Season 1).
  • The original description was "Originally designed for big-game hunting, the M44 packs enough punch to bring down the most dangerous of predators.". This was changed in a later update.
  • The original M44 revolver upon launch incorrectly shared the +1 ammo capacity mechanic present in magazine fed firearms, giving the revolver an erroneous capacity of 5+1 rounds. This was eventually patched.