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The .44 Magnum is a sidearm featured in Battlefield 4. It is the second to last sidearm to be unlocked in multiplayer, requiring 51,000 pistol score.

The Magnum features the highest damage and fastest bullet velocity of all sidearms, but also has the lowest rate of fire, the second slowest reload time, and is tied with the other three revolvers with having the fewest bullets per reload. It is one of three sidearms that fires the .44 Magnum round, the others being the DEagle 44 and the Mare's Leg, allowing the weapon to kill in a single headshot within 12.5 meters, and only needing 2-3 shots to kill in all other circumstances.

Compared to the other high damage pistols, the .44 Magnum is the one most geared to towards accuracy and longer range engagements. The Magnum's spread values both from the hip and while ADS are very low, and its high muzzle velocity allows the round to reach the target very quickly. Due to its low fire rate, however, the Magnum can potentially struggle in close quarters if the player doesn't get the first shot off; put plainly, the Magnum can out damage most weapons, but it can't out shoot them without a headshot.

The weapon's other primary downside is its rather significant vertical recoil, which it shares with the MP-412 REX and the Unica 6, requiring the player to accommodate for the muzzle lift in order to fire successive shots accurately. Despite this, the weapon still functions as a very good finisher in close quarters, capable of killing any player hit by at least two shots from any Assault rifle with one hit.

With regard to attachments, the Magnum can benefit from the addition of a Laser Sight to further improve its spread as well as its abilities in CQB situations. A Heavy Barrel will increase the weapon's accuracy even further, making it a good option if the player has access to the Veteran 3x Scope. However, the Heavy Barrel will further increase the Magnum's already high recoil, which may not be ideal for some players. The Muzzle Brake will have the opposite effect, dampening the Magnum's vertical recoil, but causing a significant increase in spread with successive shots; as its horizontal recoil cancels itself out, the Compensator is largely unnecessary for the Magnum. A Flash Hider or no barrel attachment will suffice if the player has no wish to negatively impact the weapon.



  • In Battlefield 4, Battlefield Veterans are awarded a Veteran Battlepack that contains a 3x Scope for the .44 Magnum.
  • In Battlefield 4, the .44 Magnum, along with the MP-412 REX, originally had a trigger pull delay, where the weapon would fire a small amount of time after the player clicked the mouse or pulled the trigger. This was done to simulate real life revolver operation, and was removed later with the 'Fall Patch'.