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The Ordnance QF (Quick Firing) 13 Pounder was a field gun used by British forces in World War I.

Battlefield 1Edit

The 13 Pounder Cannon appears as the standard armament for the Artillery Truck in Battlefield 1.

Its shells inflict between 200–270 damage on impact, and up to a further 112 blast damage within five meters. Shots travel at 220 m/s.

The 13 Pounder Cannon is extremely similar to the FK 96 to the point that the damage statistics for the two weapons are almost identical. There are some functional differences, though. The gunner on the FK 96 is exposed whilst the gunner for the Artillery Truck is protected by it. Furthermore, the 13 Pounder Cannon has up to eight reserve shells for quick reloading, while the FK 96 has no means of quick reload.

Compared to the 75mm HE Howitzer available for the light tank, the 13 Pounder inflicts more of its damage via impact, travels more than twice as fast, and reloads more quickly from reserve. The Howitzer can potentially deal more blast damage at long range.

Against the Mark V Landship, it has a slightly longer reload time, but similar damage to AT shells, and better impact damage than its HE shells.