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The 1st Cavalry Division is one of the most famous and most decorated combat divisions of the United States Army. Presently, it is a rapidly deployable heavy armored division of the United States Army with base of operations in Fort Hood, Texas. The 1st Cavalry Division is appears in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield Vietnam[]

The 1st Cavalry Division appears in the map Landing Zone Albany and Ia Drang Valley as the 1st and 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

The 1st Armored Cav is seen in the mission Heavy Metal, which the unit Task Force Kodiak assists the Special Activities Division squad Bravo 2. The Task Force consisted of mostly M1A2 Abrams tanks, which cleared the path for Bravo-2 to reach the town where Arkady Kirilenko was located. After airstrikes from A-10 Thunderbolt II's against enemy 9M133 Kornet positions, Bravo-2 entered the town, while the remainder of Task Force Kodiak stayed behind as a rear guard, while a United States Marine Corps unit, Dagger, accompanied Bravo 2 to capture the High Value Target.


1st Cavalry Division Sleeve Insignia
Flag of the United States 1st Armored Cavalry Division
Light vehicle(s)
Main battle tank(s)

Bad Company 2: Vietnam[]

In Bad Company 2: Vietnam the 1st Infantry Division makes a small appearance with their insignia on the fin of the Huey and the beret of the US Recon.