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For other airburst weapons, see Airburst

An Airburst Grenade is a type of explosive ammunition that detonates in midair, causing an air burst effect, causing shrapnel damage to anyone in the grenade's radius. It is used in many weapons such as the XM25 and unlike traditional grenades, such as the 40mm Grenade, they can be electronically programmed to explode after traveling a certain distance.

Battlefield: Play4Free[]

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The Airburst Grenade is a Tier 3 equipment expertise training option for the Engineer Class in Battlefield Play4Free. When taken, the player is granted the use of the XM-25 Grenade Launcher, which fires explosive projectiles that can be set to detonate at a specific range. 

Battlefield 4[]

The 25mm Airburst Grenade is an explosive ammunition option for the XM25 launcher, and is its default ammo type.

When aiming down sight, the range to the sighted target area is fed to the grenades. Firing the weapon in this state will cause the grenades to explode 3 meters beyond the given range. This allows the weapon to indirectly attack enemies taking cover.

The grenades may also explode on impact with any surface before reaching its preset range, or if free-fired. A third time-delay fuze causes the grenades to explode after five seconds. The grenades will not explode within 15 meters of the shooter.

Up to three grenades may be needed to kill an infantry target, with the FLAK specialization possibly raising this requirement.