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Battlefield 4[]

"Fires a 25mm cartridge packed with penetrating Flechettes that effectively transform the launcher into a semiautomatic shotgun."

— Battlelog description

The 25mm Dart is flechette ammunition, similar to 12 Gauge Flechette, packaged for the XM25. When the 25mm Dart is used, the XM25 behaves more like a semi-automatic shotgun loaded with dart ammunition, unlike the 25mm Airburst Grenade which explodes. The IRNV Scope included with the XM25 provides another advantage over other shotguns that must unlock the scope through progression.

The fire rate of the XM25 is increased when utilizing Dart rounds, to 180 RPM.


  • At release, the XM25 DART was bundled with 20 rounds of flechette ammunition. A late patch reduced this to 10 rounds, in line with other XM25 ammo types.