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2T Stalker

2T Stalker in reality

The 2T "Stalker" armored reconnaissance vehicle was developed as a private venture by Belarusian Minotor Service Enterprise with some Russian assistance. The first operational prototype was presented in 2000. This reconnaissance vehicle is intended to operate up to 300 km behind enemy lines and it is used by the MEC in Battlefield: Bad Company, as the faction's only infantry fighting vehicle.

Battlefield: Bad Company Edit

In Battlefield: Bad Company, the 2T Stalker is the Middle Eastern Coalition's main IFV. It is the counterpart of the American M3A3 Bradley and the Russian BMD-3.

Singleplayer Edit

In singleplayer, the 2T Stalker appears only in the final mission, Ghost Town. It is often used by MEC soldiers or Legionnaire Mercenaries to some extent. It is not available to the player as all 2T Stalkers are already occupied by hostile personnel.

Multiplayer Edit

In multiplayer, the 2T Stalker appears on every Gold Rush map with the MEC fight in. It does not appear in Conquest.

Gold RushEdit

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