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Not to be confused with the SR338 or SRS 02

The SRS (Stealth Recon Scout) is a bolt-action sniper rifle developed by the American firearm manufacturer Desert Tactical Arms. It was unveiled at the 2008 SHOT Show. It is notable in that it is one of the few sniper rifles that has a bullpup bolt-action layout. This gives the rifle a relatively compact design; claimed to be 11 inches (280 mm) shorter than conventional sniper rifles.

Due to the bullpup layout, the magazine and bolt are behind the pistol grip, and therefore the operation is slightly different to most other conventional designs. The Stealth Recon Scout was originally designed around the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, but is also available in other calibers.

Battlefield 4Edit

The 338-Recon is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The 338-Recon is a collectible weapon on Kunlun Mountains, found on the metal scaffolding under the bridge outside the prison. It is equipped with a Rifle Scope, Variable Zoom, Muzzle Brake, and Bipod. It sports an Atomic Urban finish.


The 338-Recon is the fifth Sniper Rifle to be unlocked, after the JNG-90 and before the M98B, requiring 27,000 Sniper Rifle score. Compared to the other high-caliber sniper rifles, the M98B, and SRR-61, the Recon has a considerably lower bullet velocity, making it less suited for long ranges. It makes up for this with a higher rate of fire, giving it an advantage for mid-range attacks over the other two rifles.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

The 388-Recon is a sniper rifle available with the Battlefield Hardline: Getaway expansion, exclusive to the Professional kit. It is equipped by default with a Rifle Scope.



Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • The 338-Recon was named the SRS in the Getaway CTE pre-release, but has been changed to 338-Recon, the same name used in Battlefield 4.
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