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The Puteaux SA 18 was a 37mm breech-loaded cannon used during World War I, arming many tanks of the Allied forces.[1] It was designed for use against machine gun nests and other fortified infantry positions, but could also penetrate light armored vehicles. It was also used on armored cars, riverine craft, and armored trains throughout World War II, although its anti-armor capability was severely limited by improvements over the decades.

Battlefield 1Edit

The 37mm Cannon is the primary armament of the FT-17 light tank with Close Support package, mounted on a full-traversal turret. It can fire either high-explosive or case shot ammunition, carrying up to four shells in ready reserve. The player may switch between either type with no delay, but may only fire one shell at a time.

Although capable of modest damage against heavy armored vehicles, it is not an ideal weapon for this purpose as it often takes more direct hits than the cannon can manage with one stock of shells.

A similar weapon, the 37mm Nose Cannon, is the primary armament on Attack Planes using the Tank Hunter package.


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