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Soldiers operating a 40mm Bofors.

The 40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft Gun is a flak cannon used for anti-aircraft purposes. It is featured in the Battlefield Series as stationary or unusable emplacements.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The AA Allies is an anti-aircraft gun featured in Battlefield 1942, and the equivalent of the German Flak 38. The emplacement appears on every map where aircraft is available to players. It spawns near most flags, main bases, and on the Yorktown-class and Shokaku-class carriers.

The gun itself fires powerful anti-aircraft rounds at a slow rate. It has an unlimited ammunition supply, does not need to reload and does not overheat, meaning the gunner can fire for as long as he wishes (or as long as he remains alive).

Its rounds are capable of disposing quickly of low-flying aircraft, destroying fighters in about 4 direct hits, dive bombers in around 5 and a lot more than that for heavy bombers. They also cause some splash damage, so one might not rely on direct hits to down a plane. Aircraft at higher altitude can be more difficult to engage, since one has to take the round's velocity into account and predict the aircraft's flight path.

The gun is also fatal against infantry it can hit with one direct hit killing any player. It also takes care of light vehicles like jeeps and APCs quickly. Tanks need quite some fire to be taken down, and by that time, the gunner will most likely be killed. It should be noted however, that the emplacement is commonly surrounded by objects such as sandbags preventing bullets to be fired parallel to the ground.

The only differences from the Flak 38 are in aesthetics and optical sights.


Battlefield 1943Edit


A 40mm Bofors AA Gun firing on an American fighter in Battlefield 1943

The 40mm Bofors is an anti-aircraft gun featured in Battlefield 1943 It can be found bunker roofs and aircraft carriers.

Its slow bullets deal high damage to aircraft and light vehicles such as jeeps where a tank, can come out of a barrage unscathed. It can combat infantry though it is difficult with infantry being a small target. Users are very vulnerable as well, as there is little protection from all sources of damage.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit


An unmanned 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun in Operation Aurora.

The 40mm Bofors makes an appearance in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 during Operation Aurora. It is operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy to fire on the incoming American aircraft. It is never available to the player.

Battlefield VEdit

In Battlefield V, the Bofors 40mm is the default main gun on the British anti-aircraft tank, the Valentine AA Mk I. Through specializations, it can be replaced with 3x Oerlikon 20mm guns. Unlike in Battlefield 1942, the stationary AA gun for the faction non-specific, being the Flak 38 shared with Germany.

AC-130 GunshipEdit

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The 40mm Bofors is one of three ground-attack weapons carried aboard the AC-130 Gunship featured in Battlefield 4. (It does not appear in the Battlefield 3 version.)

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