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The 40mm Grenade is a Fragmentation or High Explosive weapon designed to be launched from a purpose-built grenade launcher, or an underslung attachment.

It inflicts damage similar to a Hand Grenade, but is launched faster and further than a hand grenade can be thrown. It can be fatal to infantry, causes serious damage to light vehicles, but inflicts only minor damage to heavier armor.

In all games where it appears (up to Battlefield 2042), 40mm grenade launchers are assigned to the Assault kit.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]

"Underbarrel 40 mm grenade launcher capable of delivering HE-FRAG (High Explosive-Fragmentation) up to ranges of 150-400 meters. It's ideal against anti-personnel and soft-skinned vehicles. Functions well as a force multiplier."

— In-game description

In Battlefield: Bad Company 2, 40mm grenades are used on the following launchers:

Frag grenades are initially available to each faction, with other 40mm ammunition unlockable through kill progression.

Battlefield 3[]

40mm grenades return to Battlefield 3 as the initial ammunition for the M320/GP30 grenade launcher. It inflicts splash damage comparable to other explosive weapons (e.g. M67 Frag, SMAW/RPG-7V2), which can be reduced to non-fatal levels by the FLAK specialization. Equipping the FRAG specialization provides more reserve ammunition for this weapon, as well as an extra hand grenade.

Other versions of 40mm ammunition can be unlocked for the grenade launcher, which are reported in the killfeed as entirely separate weapons. Regardless of ammunition or launcher type, all statistics are combined into a single listing for the M320.

Battlefield 4[]

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"High Explosive 40mm grenade with a small blast radius for engaging grouped infantry and light vehicles."

— Battlelog description

40mm HE is the standard ammunition for the M320 and GP-30. It can kill an enemy in one hit from its blast damage, but its effective radius is small, meaning it must land close to the enemy to kill him.

Also, it can be very effective against light vehicles, and well as helicopters and light naval vessels, doing large amounts of damage to these lightly armored vehicles. As in previous games, it can do considerable damage to buildings.

40mm HE grenades also are equipped in the M32 MGL Battle Pickup, with the same performance.

Battlefield 2042[]

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In Battlefield 2042, 40mm fragmentation and HE grenades are now separate ammunition. For the first time, these also appear on some weapons other than assault rifles. No weapon currently carries both of these types.

It remains to be seen how exactly the two types differ from each other, and which type is the default used on the SFAR-M GL.

40mm Frag[]

40mm Frag grenades are available solely on the LCMG.

40mm HE[]

40mm HE grenades are available for various infantry weapons. These are also presumably similar to the grenades used by various vehicle weapon systems.


  • Certain games in the series implement a minimum arming distance for the 40mm Grenade, inside of which the projectile inflicts only impact damage without detonating.