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Mark V IRL

A "Male" Mark V tank, with 6-Pounder gun sponsons.

The QF (Quick Firing) 6-Pounder Hotchkiss was an early 57mm tank gun which armed most British tanks during World War I. The weapon was an adaptation of an earlier naval gun, made shorter for use on land.[1][2]

57mm guns were also produced by Maxim-Nordenfelt for German tanks.[3]

Battlefield 1Edit

The 57mm Cannon in Battlefield 1 is the main armament for the gunners on the Mark V Landship and the driver of the A7V Heavy Tank.

Three types of ammunition are available for the weapon, of which two are used for any 57mm gun position:

High-explosive shells are useful for destroying buildings and combating clustered enemies. Near misses will deal more damage to a wider area. Used by the Squad Support and Mortar Landships, and the Assault and Flamethrower Heavy Tank.
Anti-tank shells are powerful against armored vehicles but inflict less splash damage. More of their damage depends on landing shots at a good angle. Used by the Tank Hunter Landship and Breakthrough Heavy Tank.
Case shot is very deadly against infantry but almost useless against tanks. Backup ammo type for all 57mm guns.

The weapon has a respectable rate of fire, but only has 5–6 shots in reserve. When these are exhausted, more must be loaded into the reserve rack to continue firing. The ammunition count is shared between the two types, but there is no penalty for switching between the types. (This is a change from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, where secondary ammunition had its own count.)