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The subject of this article, 5v5 (Gamemode), has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

5v5 was a squad-based competitive gamemode that was in development for Battlefield V but was cut before release.[1]


The mode was similar to Incursions, a 5v5 competitive mode introduced with Battlefield 1. As the name suggests, the mode revolved around two teams of five engaging in infantry combat on close quarters maps.


Rounds of the 5v5 mode consisted of the following game types:

  • Capture Flags - Similar to Domination or Squad Conquest.
  • Raid Caches - Possibly a Capture the Flag variant.
  • Plant Bombs - Similar to Defuse from Battlefield 4, with an attacking and defending team and limited respawns.
  • Holdout - Attackers would fight to either capture a flag or eliminate defenders, who have only one life and must hold out as long as possible. Similar to Headquarters from Call of Duty.


Lofoten Islands and Provence were designed specifically for the mode, but were instead released in early September 2019 with support for small gamemodes - specifically Squad Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Domination. References to other maps found in the game files showed that three other maps were in development, known as Libya, Casquets, and Rotterdam, and could be seen in official concept art.[2] Of those remaining maps only Libya, renamed Al Marj Encampment, would be finished for release, and was added to the game as part of the Summer Update in June 2020.[3] In the same update, Provence was significantly reworked for large gamemodes.


Allies and Axis teams could, via a majority vote, select a faction doctrine that provided three doctrine-specific bonuses for said team. Doctrines had either an "offensive" or "defensive" rating although the reason for this is unclear. A list of doctrines and their description is show below:

Allied Doctrines[]

  • SAS Raiders (Offensive) - "Who Dares Wins"
  • Army Rangers (Offensive) - "Rangers Lead the Way"
  • Devil's Bridge - No details

Axis Doctrines[]

  • Volksgrenadiere (Defensive) - "Tapfer und Treu"
  • Decima Mas (Defensive) - "Memento Audere Semper"
  • MSK - No details

Doctrine Bonuses[]

  • BLAST ARMOR: Incoming damage from explosives is reduced by 33%.
  • TENACITY: Health regen is faster and heals to full.
  • RECON PLANE: A recon plane that spots enemies it flies over can be purchased with requisition.
  • BIPOD EXPERTISE: Bipods can be deployed while crouching.
  • INCREASED THROWABLES: Starting number of grenades is increased by one.
  • EXPERT TRACKER: Spotted enemies remain marked on the map for two additional seconds after breaking line of sight.
  • INCREASED MUNITIONS: Starting ammunition for all gadgets is increased.
  • FAST FORTIFICATIONS: Fortifications can be constructed with the build tool in half the usual time.
  • INTESTINAL FORTITUDE: The last living squad member gains the ability to squad revive regardless of chosen kit.
  • SUPPLY DROP: Airdropped ammunition and medical supplies are available for purchase with requisition.
  • SQUAD DEPLOY: Squad spawns can be purchased with requisition.
  • ARTILLERY STRIKE: Artillery Strikes can be purchased with requisition.
  • VEHICLE INCENDIARY: Tanks purchased with requisition are equipped with incendiary weapons.


At the start of a round players had 30 seconds to select a class, of which only one of each type could be on the same team. Unlike in the core multiplayer modes which allows Soldier Customization, each class had a set, specific appearance to aid with recognition.[4] There were overall 22 different class appearances.[5]

A list of subclasses, their descriptions and class perks are listed below:

Squad Leader[]

  • Control Captain - "Directs the attack with a sharp eye for the enemy, a precise shot, and a resourcefulness to acquire a battefield advantage."
  • SIXTH SENSE: Alerts you 3 seconds after you have been detected by an enemy. Can only alert you once every 20 seconds.
  • CAPTAIN'S SCOPE: Enables marking priority targets with the spotting scope.
  • Raid Captain - "Orchestrates aggressve attacks to quickly neutralize the enemy, while boasting a tactical Bazooka."
  • BLINDING LIGHT: Flare gun impact will emit a blinding bright light and spot enemies in the area.
  • 357 MAGNUM: An accurate, powerful, and quick to draw side-arm.
  • Support Captain - No data available.


  • Shock Trooper - "Close quarters expert that breaches doors and denies territory with a Flame Pistol."
  • INVIGORATE: Downed enemies instantly restore 30% of your health.
  • WHEN IT COUNTS: Reload 50% faster when below 50% health.
  • Range Assault - "Learn to rain destruction on your enemies from afar. Pinpoint accuracy and superior firepower are the name of the day for Range Assaults."
  • GAS BULLET: Panzerbüchse 39 bullets contain a tear gas capsule that blinds enemies in a small radius around the shot's impact.
  • MINEFIELD: Deploying a mine deploys four mines in a circle around the initial mine
  • Saboteur - "Tactical explosives specialist that operates in Close Quarters to clear enemy fortifications."
  • SLUG SHOT: Load a single slug shell into the chamber to fire a precise shot
  • Combat Medic - "Sometimes a bandage and some covering fire is all you need to win the day. True Combat Medics stop at nothing to reach teammates in need."
  • HEALTH STASH: Your allies are able to retrieve Medical Pouches directly by interacting with you.
  • NEEDLE SHARPSHOOTER: You revive players instantly when using the Syringe.
  • Trauma Surgeon - "Life and death - both are the trade of the Trauma Surgeon. The best Trauma Surgeons can bring people back from the brink of death."
  • ADRENALINE: After reviving an ally, you and the revived ally sprint faster for a short duration.
  • INCOMING MEDIC: Your smoke grenades will slow the bleeding of downed allies within their radius for the duration of the smoke.
  • Combat Engineer - "The Combat Engineer can build and destroy with the best of them. The Combat Engineer is a master of destruction, construction, and reconstruction."
  • SPECIAL BLUEPRINTS: You can construct searchlights and reinforced doors.
  • COOL CALM: Kills or Kill Assists reset the overheat on the Deploy-able MMG.
  • Grenadier - "Forget weapons and ammo - try grenades and launchers. Raining death from above (and everywhere else ) is the Grenadier's specialty."
  • TWO FOR ONE: You throw an additional grenade when you throw back grenades.
  • HOMECOOKED: Grenades can be cooked and you start with 2 additional grenades.
  • Gunner - "You'll need to master every weapon there is to become a Gunner. Bristling with weapons, a Gunner can resupply you - or just take care of the job for you."
  • LINKED AMMUNITION: While deployed your reserve ammo pool is added to the ammo in your weapon.
  • ADJUSTABLE BIPOD: The bipod can be deployed while crouching in addition to while prone or on cover.
  • Combat Sniper - "A quick shot and a steady hand will serve you well here. The Combat Sniper is a master of up close and personal combat and long range engagements."
  • STOPPING POWER: Your headshots with Bolt-Action rifles leave your victims un-revivable.
  • STRAIGHT PULL BOLT: You do not need to zoom out between shots, allowing for rapid follow-up shots.
  • Infiltrator - "To make it as an Infiltrator, you have to learn to see and not be seen. They'll never see you coming."
  • AMBUSH KILL: Players killed from behind or the side are unrevivable and are not marked on the enemy's map.
  • MAKE THEM SQUEAL: Melee takedowns are replaced with interrogation takedowns which mark the enemy's entire squad on the map.
  • Tactician - "Only the team's Captain's have a stronger grasp of the battlefield. Tacticians are always a few steps ahead - until they're behind you with a knife in your back."
  • TWO PLACES AT ONCE: When you are spotted, the last place you were spotted is also marked on the enemies' map.
  • K BULLET: Your weapons have increased bullet penetration and damage to enemies behind objects.[6]

Weapons and Gadgets[]

The mode included class-specific weapons and gadgets similar to Incursions, but also unique equipment developed for the mode that were either not intended for multiplayer or had their functions altered for the mode. Some of these items would later be added to Multiplayer, available to the standard four classes. A list of these items is shown below:


  • K31/43 - Bolt-action rifle that could toggle between iron sights and a magnified scope. Used by the Combat Sniper class.
  • LAD - Belt-fed pistol caliber light machine gun. Used by the Gunner class, the Linked Ammunition trait suggested it could feed from the ammo pool of the player's secondary weapon.
  • Model 37 - Sawed-off shotgun that could fire both buckshot and slugs. Could be slamfired by holding down the fire button. Used by the Saboteur class.
  • Model 27 - Used by the Control Captain. Both short and long-barrelled versions of the weapon were modelled.
  • Silenced M1911 - Used by the Allied Control Captain class.
  • Silenced PPK - Used by the Axis Control Captain class.
  • Welrod - Silenced bolt-action pistol. Appeared in the Battlefield V - Chapter 4: Defying the Odds Trailer. Used by the Infiltrator class.


  • Panzerbüchse 39 - Gadget version of the Panzerbüchse used by the Range Assault class. Could fire tear gas bullets.[7]
  • Deployable MMG Emplacement - Stationary MMG that could be placed like a gadget. Viewing ports in the gunshield retracted when zoomed in, allowing it to be blind-fired if needed. Used by the Combat Engineer.
  • Doppel Schuss - Double-barrel Flare Gun that could shoot both spotting and flash projectiles. Used by the Raid Captain.
  • Goliath Tracked Mine - Remote-controlled demolition charge.
  • Pistol Flamethrower - Limited-use anti-infantry flamethrower gadget equipped by the Shock Trooper.
  • Kampfpistole - Variant of the AT Grenade Pistol that fired delayed fuse high-explosive charges.
  • Firecracker Grenade - Used to create distractions.
  • RMN 50 Grenade Launcher - Handheld grenade launcher. Holding down the fire button could be used to shoot the grenade further upon release.
  • Type 89 Knee Mortar - Deployable grenade launcher. Could only be shot when supported by a Bipod. Aimed using the minimap.
  • TN-17 Radio Jammer - Could be used to prevent spotting via Recon Plane.
  • Breaching Charge - Explosive charge gadget. Used the same model as the Limpet Charge from Battlefield 1.
  • Shaped Charge - Throwable anti-tank device.
  • Hawkins Grenade - Throwable light anti-tank/demolition grenade.
  • M1A1 Bazooka - Anti-tank weapon used by the Raid Captain.
  • Barbed Wire - Deployable barbed wire gadget with a max carrying capacity of 2.


The gamemode allowed one tank per team, called in using Squad Reinforcements. The Allies could use either the Staghound T17E1 or Valentine Mk VIII, while the Axis could use the Panzer 38T or Panzer IV.


Players would receive a competitive rank based on their performance in game. The ranks tiers were ordered as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum (Sapphire in some builds) and Diamond.


Several unique weapon customizations, including five rank-based skins and additional Weapon Charms, were planned as rewards for ascending ranks.


The mode was developed primarily by DICE LA[8] and was initially announced alongside the Tides of War roadmap released in March 2019, being set for release in June 2019 along with Lofoten Islands and Provence.[9] An updated roadmap from June showed the implementation of the two maps had been pushed to back to August and made no mention of the mode. Despite this updates to the mode continued in the game files until at least three weeks before it was officially announced as cancelled. The mode was officially announced as being cut on August 22nd 2019.



  • A bug introduced with the release of Lightning Strikes could incorrectly list friends as playing on the map Casquets.[10]