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For specific miniguns, see M134 Minigun and CS/LM12.

7.62 Miniguns are mounted Gatling cannons designed for higher rates of fire over heavy machine guns, which can suffer from overheating and cartridge jamming.

Battlefield 4Edit

"Very high rate of fire guns for taking out infantry, light armor and other aircraft."

— Game description

The 7.62 Miniguns are a vehicle specialization in Battlefield 4.

The 7.62mm Miniguns are the default armament for scout helicopters.[1] The Miniguns excel at taking out infantry and are highly effective against air vehicles, attack boats and light armor. The 7.62mm Miniguns cannot damage the armor of main battle tanks.

7.62mm cannons are also mounted on transport helicoptersattack boats, and RHIB boats as gunner weapons.


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