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The Blockhaus Schneider 75mm gun (Canon de 75 court modèle 1916 Schneider) was the primary armament of the Schneider CA 1 IFV used during World War I by the French Army, fired from its front right port.[1] It was adapted from a trench mortar of similar size, adding a recoil compensator and gun shield for use as a fortification (blockhouse) gun.

It was also fitted to the FT-75 BS tank—transforming the Renault FT into a self-propelled artillery gun.[2]—and adapted for use as a mountain gun.[3]

Battlefield 1Edit

The 75mmm HE Howitzer is the secondary weapon used by the Howitzer package for the light tank. The weapon inflicts roughly twice the damage of the 37mm Cannon used by the Close Support package, making it a good weapon against heavy armor or for collapsing enemy-held structures.

Its power comes with low muzzle velocity, requiring high arcing trajectories and plenty of lead time to hit long-range targets. The casemate design used by the tank also limits the horizontal coverage of the weapon, requiring the tank itself to be turned to aim beyond 45° to either side. The heavier shells take longer to load than the 37mm variant, lowering its comparative rate of fire.


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