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A 76.2mm cannon was a common caliber of Russian mountain gun, corresponding to a 3-inch bore diameter. They were used during World War I and through to World War II. 76.2mm cannons were often designed similar to 75mm cannons of the day, owing to good relations between Russia and France.

One model of 76.2mm mountain gun was designed by Colonel Panagiotis Danglis of Greece for his country's own war ministry, but was denied production.[1] The weapon was brought to the Schneider company of France for prototyping and successfully adopted by the Greek army. Russia and other would also purchase the Schneider-Danglis gun, with the Putilov Plant adapting it to 76.2mm ammunition and mounting it on various vehicles.

Another design by Major P. Lykoudis would see collaboration with the Krupp firm of Germany.

Battlefield 1Edit

Not to be confused with the 75mm Cannon.

The 76mm Cannon is the driver's secondary weapon for the Putilov-Garford armored truck.

Three ammunition types are available, one for each of the truck's vehicle packages:

High Explosive (Armored Assault Package)
Inflicts more damage through blast effect.
Armor Piercing (Armored Anti-Tank Package)
Inflicts more damage through direct hit on armor, and thus more dependent on shot angle.
Shrapnel (Armored Reconnaissance Package)
Time-delayed fuze after striking a surface, similar to the Airburst shell for the Saint-Chamond Gas Assault Package.