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"The A-8 Tiger is the latest version of the A-series heavy tank division, adding a Non-Explosive Reactive Armor (NxRA) package to its standard composite construction. An additional Active Defense System enables the Tiger to withstand heavy artillery and missile attacks. Increased engine torque and power-to-weight ratio enable the track-based Tiger additional mobility and improved speed across rugged terrain. The Tiger is equipped with a driver-controlled main cannon and a rapid-fire, high caliber repeater at the second position, providing robust firepower against ground-based infantry and armored vehicle targets."

— Prima Strategy Guide

The A-8 Tiger is a Heavy Tank used by the European Union, serving as the faction's MBT. Despite being older than its PAC counterpart—the Type 32 Nekomata—it can still hold its own against the newer tank.

The Tiger's design is faithful to tank designs of the early 21st century. Its low profile chassis carries a traditional turreted smoothbore cannon, and a remote-controlled heavy machine gun in the gunner position.

As a tracked vehicle, the Tiger is more stable on sloping ground, such as that seen in Minsk. However, it highly lacks maneuverability against the Nekomata. Drivers need to ensure that their rear is never exposed to enemy tanks during battle.

A single hit to the rear armor can disable or destroy the Tiger. Its front armor is more durable against attack. All sides of the vehicle receive more damage from perpendicular hits to the armor than from glancing hits. Active Defense System complements the armor, temporarily preventing damage from anti-vehicle weapons or Orbital Strikes.


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