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Not to be confused with the 9A-91

The A-91 is a Soviet-made bullpup assault rifle developed by Instrument Design Bureau in 1990. It fires the 7.62×39mm (A-91 and A-91M) or 5.56×45mm NATO (5.56A-91), depending on the model. There is also a special version chambered in the 5.45×39mm M74 and PSP (underwater) called the ADS.

Its magazine holds 30 rounds, and it fires about 700 rounds per minute. It features an optional 40mm GP-95 grenade launcher mounted below the barrel. The A-91 also features a forward case ejection like the Belgian F2000.

The A-91 appears in four games in the Battlefield series. The 5.56 variant appears in Battlefield Play4Free, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 2042, while a version firing 5.45x39mm appears in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

The A-91 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Play4Free as a buyable weapon for the Assault class. It is available for purchase at level 30 for 3,499 Funds or 105,000 Credits.


Battlefield 3[]

Main article: A-91/Battlefield 3

"An unusual weapon, even by Russian standards, the A-91 is a bullpup Carbine chambered in the 5.56mm NATO round instead of a Russian caliber. Made from polymers, it features a forward shell ejection system that keeps shells well clear of the shooter’s face upon ejection. The bullpup configuration prevents the A-91 from mounting a foregrip."

— Battlelog description

The A-91 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 3 as the Non-Grenade Launcher variant. In singleplayer, it is used by Vladimir in Comrades but is not usable by the player. In multiplayer, it is unlocked with 58,000 Engineer score.

Battlefield 4[]

Main article: A-91/Battlefield 4

The A-91 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4. It functions very similarly to its Battlefield 3 counterpart. In singleplayer, it can be found outside of Molina's outpost. In multiplayer, it is unlocked with 28,000 Carbine XP.

Battlefield 2042[]

"Russian-made carbine chambered in 5.56mm with a polymer frame construction. It features a forward ejection system, ensuring hot brass stays out of the shooter's face."

— In-game description

The A-91 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, available in the Battlefield Portal for the Engineer kit.

The weapon has been made available to the base game as "Vault Weapon" as part of Escalation season. The player need to performs 100 kills with this weapon in Portal or using AC-42 and performs 10 kills with PKP-BP in a round to unlock.